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  1. Mr. Bradby, Thank you for the work you have put in to keep the Pamunkey history alive! I will TRY and keep this short….
    I was wondering if you may point me in the right direction or offer some advice. I have known since a child that my family descendants were of Native American origin. Which he said explained why we were all dark skinned. My Grandfather would tell stories that we came from a great Indian Chief. As a child I longed to find out the truth of what tribe my family really belonged to, and if the claims were true. When I became an adult I began the quest. Unfortunately my grandfather and others passed away untimely. I recently found family documents from the 50’s confirming the missing information. With the help of census records I was able to confirm the accuracy. The chief was none other than Chief Opechancanough. The first white settler in my family Nathanial Davis married into the tribe and so did other members of the Davis family. My mother is a Davis and we have tracked a direct lineage back with multiple connections to the tribe. Ironically, after learning this I learned my company may have a job opportunity for me if I move very close to the reservation. I was curious if there is a way to become a member of the Pamunkey tribe? I have absolutely no motives for doing this other than to fulfill a life long quest. I really want to learn more of the past and if possible take part in the community. If anything I would like to help and giveback in anyway possible.
    I truly appreciate any information you can provide. Thanks again for a great book! Shane

    1. I would call 804-843-4792. That’s the Museum on Pamunkey. They may be able to direct you to the appropriate person to discuss your concerns. You can visit the museum too.

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