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 My name is Ken Bradby Jr. I live Williamsburg, Virginia. I like to get up, get ready to face the world with a good disposition by showering, eating, feeding my dog and going out to see what in the world I can make of my being alive that day. I was born with a birth defect that has me in a wheelchair, but I don’t like to say “confined”. Rather, I’d say conservative in motion but liberal in attitude. I’ve seen a birth certificate that says I’m 52. I’m as young as I feel and that varies.


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  1. Hi…my name is Janine Keimes and my husband is Kenneth Langston. I have been doing my husband’s family tree when we found out that his father (Lenwood (Linwood) Langston was born on the Pamunkey reservation. We visited this summer, and my husband met his 1st cousin, Henry Langston (of shad fishing fame)and his new bride. He took us to the church cemetery and there we saw my husband’s grandfather’s gravesite, Ezekial Langston. Do you have any of the names of the persons in photos of the tribe or school?. Specifically, I am looking for photos of Ezekial Langston and Letisia(Lutesia) Wynn Langston.We do not have any pics of them. The only pics we have is of Lillian Langston, Henry’s mother. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks…Janine keimes

    1. No, I knew a Rudolph Langston that was married to my grandfather’s sister, Berniece Bradby. I know the names of a great deal of folks in the pictures of the tribe, but there are hundreds of pictures! The names you mention, however, are unfamiliar.

      1. James Jacob Shannon

        Mr. Bradby Jr,
        I am researching my family’s Karankawan history.
        On the 1870 census lists my great great great grandma and my great great grandma as being from “Ned”.
        Not Nebraska or North Dakota or Nederland, TX because they were not officially settled yet and not Netherlands in Europe as the 1870 U.S. census says they were born in the Americas.
        So “Ned” when it refers to Native Americans, do you know what it means on the census?
        JJ Jacobs

      2. No, not familiar, sorry.

    2. Some Langston info herehttp://pamunkeyblogger.wordpress.com/2011/08/20/reservation-indians-and-their-fringe/

  2. This blog is wonderful. I am what an Native American may call an illegal alien. Meaning a non-Indian, these facts should be taught in schools as mainstream America has little understanding of the tribes that lived in America before the white man entered the picture.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. chuckcooke59 | Reply

    Hello Strong Bull,
    Like so many I am trying to trace my Pamunkey ancestry and hope that you might be able to suggest some areas to research. I suspect it a long shot but would love to find my native family link. Cousins with Virginia ancestry say my family is related to the Pamunkey and Allegheny Lenape. Thanks for the Pride in Heritage!
    Chuck Cooke in Minnesota

    1. You may want to search google for census reports in King William County where Pamunkey reservation is situated for the name Cooke, in the time span of interest. Good luck!

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