Pamunkey: Land of Pocahontas

  • (This blog is in no way sanctioned by the Pamunkey tribe and is exclusively the site owner’s views.)
  • My dad’s family comes from the Pamunkey Indian Reservation in eastern Virginia. Ironically, I have a picture of my mother’s family from the early 20th century in South Carolina with a relative with the maiden name Cook who was a Native American, and my dad’s mom had the same maiden name. A gentleman who is knowledgeable of Catawba history told me Pamunkey Cooks originally came from South Carolina, so maybe my parents were distantly related!  On my uncle Tecumseh Deerfoot Cook’s 100th birthday, I mentioned that he never gave me an Indian name.  The chief exclaimed, “I didn’t? Oh, your name is Strong Bull!”  I didn’t know at that time, but you could give yourself a name. At any rate, I plan to make this an honest portrayal of accumulated information about my heritage. So be it.